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These Terms of Service for Consumers contain the legal terms and conditions that govern your use of the Service as a consumer (“Terms of Service”). By using the Service, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Without accepting these Terms of Service, the consumer cannot make use of the Service.

The Service

AllinCrete.com (“AllinCrete”) is an online platform (“Service”) that Organizers of tours, activities, and services, as well as villas, apartments, hotels can use to accept, manage, and receive payment for reservations for their products and services (“Organizers”) which consumers use to obtain and pay for reservations for the products and services of the Organizers. The term “Service” includes the software, hardware, equipment, technology, solutions, and services necessary for AllinCrete to provide the AllinCrete Service.

The Consumer, the Organizer, and AllinCrete’s Relationship

The customer gets into a direct contractual relationship (“Contract”) with the Organizer after completing the reservation procedure and purchasing an Organizer’s products and services using the Service (“Booking”). The Contract does not include AllinCrete. The Contract’s duties are completely the responsibility of the Organizer.

AllinCrete’s responsibilities are limited to providing the Service to consumers, which includes facilitating all payments in connection with reservations made by consumers and acting as a limited purpose payment agent of such consumers in collecting the amount due to the Organizer for the purchased product or service, and paying that amount to the Organizer on behalf of consumers.

The information on the Organizer’s products and services that can be booked through the Service is strictly the responsibility of the Organizer. More precisely, it is solely the duty of the Organizer to ensure that the information provided to you about the Organizer’s products and services (including the terms and conditions associated with them) is accurate, comprehensive, and up to date. AllinCrete is not the Organizer’s agent or representative, and AllinCrete is not liable for the information provided by the Organizer in connection with the Organizer’s products and services on any legal basis.

Terms and Conditions for Using the Booking Service

The following conditions apply when you use of the Service:

  1. you must be at least 18 years old.
  1. You must be at least 18 years old if you are using the Service on behalf of a third party, such as a booking agency or a booking agent’s representative.
  1. In any instance, the person using the Service must have the legal ability to engage into legally binding agreements.
  1. You will only use the Service to make a genuine reservation for yourself or someone else whom you are legally authorized to represent.
  1. If the person using the Service makes a booking for another person, the person using the Service will tell the other person of the Contract’s terms and acquire their permission to be bound by the Contract’s terms.
  1. The individual using the Service may not utilize the Service to find an Organizer and then complete the transaction between them outside of the Service, in an attempt to avoid paying a charge to AllinCrete.

Service Fee

AllinCrete might charge a fee for making use of the Service to make payment for a reservation for the Organizer’s products or services (“Service Fee”).

The Service Fee will not exceed five per cent (5%) of the activity fee (i.e., the amount charged by the Organizer for its products and services). The Service Fee is inclusive of all taxes.

The Service Fee will be collected from you together with the payment for the reservation.

To process payments for the Service and Organizer’s products and services, AllinCrete gets payment services from third-party payment services Organizers. You expressly permit AllinCrete to share your information, including any personal information, and to send payment instructions to the payment services Organizer, by accepting these Terms of Service. You also agree to be governed by the processor’s privacy policy and terms of service in their current form.

Your financial institution may impose additional fees or charges for foreign transactions.

Right to cancel and various errors

In connection with information presented on the Service, such as rates, fees, or availability relating to your transaction, there may be technical inaccuracies, typographical or other errors. For such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, AllinCrete assumes no responsibility or liability.

At any time, even after a transaction has been confirmed, AllinCrete reserves the right to make changes, adjustments, or cancellations to such information or reservations.

AllinCrete is not liable for any communication failures, mistakes, difficulties, or other errors, as well as any lost, stolen, or misdirected transactions, communications, messages, or entries made on or through the Service.

Due to maintenance or repairs, as well as computer issues, Internet service outages, or other unforeseen events, the Service may not be available at all times.

Last Edited: 01/02/2023

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