Katholiko Monastery

    Visit the ruins of this 16th century monastery.

    Chania Katholiko Monastery

    Katholiko monastery is located on the north side of Akrotiri in Chania and past the Gouverneto monastery.

    First you must reach the monastery of Gouverneto and walk down towards the famous Bear Cave which is a 15 to 20-minute hike down a rocky footpath.  After that you will need to keep walking for another 15 minutes to reach the ruins of Katholiko.

    Katholiko is considered to be the oldest monastery in Crete and was founded during the 11th century by St. John the Hermit who lived in a cave near the monastery. The monks finally abandoned the site in the 17th century due to the many pirate attacks the monastery had suffered.

    There is no water anywhere past the Gouverneto so ensure to bring extra bottles to keep yourself hydrated.

    Tip: If you continue and make your way under the bridge, you will cross the beautiful Avlaki gorge and end up at the beautiful and serene Katholiko Beach.