Agia Sofia Cave (Wisdom of God)

    A cave of traditions and history.

    Caves Agia Sofia Cave (Wisdom of God)

    Agia Sofia cave or Wisdom of God is situated just under 50 km from the center of Chania on the way to Elafonisi and at an altitude of 400 m. There are 150 steps leading up to the cave which counts approximately 100m wide and 100m deep.  The cave contains many rows of massive stalactites and stalagmites.

    A small church is found in the cave that according to tradition, an icon of Wisdom of God was brought from a temple in Constantinople by Cretan fighters and was placed in the cave where the church stands now.

    Between two huge stalagmites, there is a mark of a horseshoe. Tradition says that is the mark left from Saint Demetrius’ horse when it leaped from the church of Saint Demetrius across the mountain.

    Tip: There are two ways to reach the cave. The first entrance has about 150 steps leading up to the cave and the second is through an olive grove and then some steps. The first entrance is more easily accessible.

    Entrance Fee: Free