Zakros Archaeological Site

    Archaeological Sites Zakros Archaeological Site

    The Minoan Palace of Zakros is located in the far east side of Crete in the prefecture of Lasithi. The closest town is Sitia approximately 45 km or an hour drive away.

    The archaeological site dates back to 1900 BC and it is one of the four main sites of the Minoan civilization. The site held a strategic location for the Minoans as it was an important trade hub to the East and Egypt.

    The Palace of Zakros was rebuilt around 1600 BC, but it was destroyed around 1450 BC with most of the major Minoan cities. The ruins are today one of the most popular tourist destinations of Lasithi.

    Entrance Fee: Full ticket 6 euro, reduced ticket students and citizens 65 and over 3 euro.

    Opening Times: Summer (1st June – 31st October): Daily 08:30 18:00, Winter (1st Nov – 31st May): Daily 08:30 – 15:00