World War Allied Cemetery (Suda Bay)

    A monument dedicated to the fallen Allied soldiers.

    Chania World War Allied Cemetery (Suda Bay)

    The Allied War cemetery is located in Souda in the prefecture of Chania, overlooking the bay of Souda and it is a true memorial to the many men who lost their lives both in World War I and also the Battle of Crete during World War II.  The cemetery counts a total of 1,500 burials, 776 of which are unidentified.

    Battle of Crete is considered one of the most significant battles in Greek history, playing a major part in World War II. The battle began on 20 May 1941 with Nazi Germany attempting one of the largest airborne strikes in history to invade the island. They have been met with heavy resistance, especially from the civilian population of Crete for the first time since the beginning of the war.

    There are many interesting events about the Battle of Crete which should appeal to history buffs and the cemetery is one of the  highly recommended locations for them to visit, along with the German Cemetery in Maleme.

    The cemetery has free entry and the cemetery remains open throughout the day.  There is also free parking.


    Samaria Gorge