Why Crete is the Perfect Destination for Your Next Family Vacation with Kids

If you’re planning a family vacation and considering a trip to Greece, you might be wondering if Crete is a good destination for kids. The answer is a resounding “yes!” Crete is a fantastic destination for families, with plenty to see and do for kids of all ages. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Crete with your kids:

Gorgeous beaches

Crete is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with crystal-clear waters and soft, sandy shores. Kids love spending time at the beach, building sandcastles, playing in the water, and soaking up the sun. Whether you’re looking for a secluded cove or a bustling beach with plenty of amenities, you’ll find it on Crete.

Fascinating history and culture

Knossos Palace Archaeological Site Heraklion Crete - allincrete.com-2

Crete has a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years. Kids will love exploring ancient ruins, learning about the Minoan civilization, and visiting museums to see artifacts and exhibits related to Crete’s past. There are also traditional villages and festivals where kids can experience the local culture and cuisine.

Outdoor activities

Family Water Sports in Crete - Copyright allincrete.com

If your kids love the great outdoors, they’ll be thrilled with the range of activities available on Crete. From hiking and biking to horseback riding and watersports, there’s something for everyone. Crete is also home to some stunning natural attractions, such as the Samaria Gorge and the White Mountains, which offer plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Delicious food

Greek cuisine is famous around the world, and Crete is no exception. Kids will love trying traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and Greek salads, as well as local specialties like dakos and kalitsounia. Crete is also known for its fresh seafood, which is a must-try for any family visiting the island.

Family-friendly accommodation

Crete has a range of family-friendly accommodation options, from resorts with kids’ clubs and activities to villas with private pools and plenty of space for kids to play. Many hotels and resorts offer special packages and deals for families, making it easy to plan a budget-friendly vacation.

Cretan hospitality

Cretans are known for their warm and welcoming hospitality, and kids will love being treated like family by the locals. You’ll find that Cretans are friendly and outgoing, and they love to interact with children. Kids will feel at home on the island, and you’ll appreciate the warmth and kindness of the locals.

Wildlife and nature

Samaria Gorge in Chania, Crete, Greece -AllinCrete.com

Crete is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species. Kids will love spotting animals like the Cretan goat, the Kri-Kri, and the Loggerhead sea turtle, as well as exploring the island’s many nature reserves and national parks. There are also botanical gardens and parks where kids can learn about the local flora and fauna.

Family-friendly attractions

New Archaeological Museum Chania Crete - Copyright 2022 Allincrete.com

Crete has plenty of family-friendly attractions, from water parks and amusement parks to zoos and aquariums. Kids will love spending a day at one of the island’s many attractions, and parents will appreciate the variety of activities available. There are also family-friendly tours and activities, such as boat trips and guided tours, that cater specifically to families.


Old Port Chania Crete Greece - Copyright allincrete.com

Crete is a safe and welcoming destination for families, with low crime rates and a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Kids can play freely on the beaches and in the streets without parents having to worry about their safety. Crete is also a great place for families with younger children, as the island is well-equipped with baby facilities, such as changing stations and high chairs.

Crete is a fantastic destination for families with kids. With its stunning beaches, fascinating history and culture, outdoor activities, delicious food, and family-friendly accommodation, it’s sure to be a vacation your family will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Crete today!

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