Toplou Monastery

A beautiful monastery with a sad history.

Churches & Monasteries Toplou Monastery

Toplou Monastery is a considered one the most significant monasteries in Greece. It was build during the 15th century and it is positioned on the eastern part of Crete on the way to Vai palm beach.

The monastery was originally called Panagia Akrotiriani meaning Virgin Mary of the cape, however the name was changed to Toplou from the Turkish word Top meaning cannon as the monastery had a cannon to use for defence against the pirates.

The monastery has a very sad history as it has been destroyed and looted numerous times by pirates, by the Knights of Malta and by the Turks. In 1821 during the Greek Revolution, the monks of the monastery were slaughtered by the Turks.

Nowadays the monastery produces its own wine which is very popular resulting to a production for 30,000 bottles a year.  In addition the monastery owes Vai palm beach one of the most famous attractions of the island.

Entrance Fee: 3 euro

Opening Times: Daily 09:00 – 18:00


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