Top 5 Beaches in Chania

    Wondering what are the best beaches to visit in Chania? Here's your answer!

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    1. Elafonisi Beach

    Hands down the best of the best. Voted the 2nd best beach in Europe and for a good reason. White sand – some parts pink, clear blue waters make this the perfect beach. A bit of a drive to get there, but it’s definitely worth it.Elafonissi Beach Chania Crete

    2. Balos Beach & Lagoon

    Whether you choose to get there by boat or are brave enough to drive, you will be rewarded at the end with the amazing experience that is Balos. Amazing views, shallow turquoise waters and exotic ambiance make this beautiful beach a must-visit for all the visitors of Crete.balos2-chania-crete-allincrete-com

    3. Seitan Limania Beach

    Seitan Limania or Stefanou beach is a very unique secluded spot with crystal clear waters and black and white pebbles. A hint of paradise. Climbing down to the beach can be rather challenging so make sure to pack yourselves a pair of walking shoes.Seitan Limani Beach Chania Crete

    4. Falassarna Beach

    Falassarna is one of the most marvelous beaches on the island and could easily be at the top spot. A very long organised beach with gorgeous waters. The area gets rather windy so if you are a surfer or love big waves, this is the beach for you! Also you will see an amazing sunset if you are willing to stay until nightfall. Falassarna Beach Chania Crete

    5. Loutraki Beach

    Loutraki beach is another beach in the Akrotiri area and also close to the airport.  It has a beautiful beach and lovely waters that are suddenly deep. It has both a sandy part and rocky part. It gets vibrant with locals that are usually at the sunbeds of the Loutraki Restaurant when there’s dance music playing.Loutraki Chania Crete -