Sweet Water Beach (Glyka Nera)

    One of the most gorgeous beaches in Crete!

    Beaches Sweet Water Beach (Glyka Nera)

    Sweet Water beach or Glyka Nera as it is translated in Greek is located in the area of Sfakia in the southern part of Chania.

    The beach is absolutely magnificent as it is tranquil surrounded by the rocky cliffs of southern Crete.

    Despite being in a very remote location, the beach is organised with umbrellas and sunbeds and WC. There is also a small tavern in the water.

    The beach is accessible either by sea or by land. There is a narrow path along the cliffs after you drive pass the Iliggas Beach, but this means you will need to park your car on the road which isn’t advisable. It is recommenced to take the boat from the port of Chora Sfakion as safer and easier solution.