Spinalonga Island

    A fortress island full of history!

    Islands Spinalonga Island

    Spinalonga is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Crete located in the prefecture of Lassithi.  The island was used a fortress build during the Venetian occupation and as a leper colony in the beginning of the 20th century from 1903 to 1957.

    Spinalonga has not always been an island, in the past it was connected to Crete however during the Venetian occupation, a portion of the peninsula was carved out to create the island we see today.

    Spinalonga has been rather popular over the past few years after the best selling novel of Victoria Hislop tells the story of a family tragedy set in the leper colony.

    The island can be accessed by boats departing from Plaka, Elounda as well as Agios Nikolaos. The boat trips from Plaka take about 15 minutes, while the trips from Elounda take 25 minutes and from Agios Nikolaos take up to an hour.

    Round trip via boat from Plaka is 8 euro, from Elounda 10 euro.

    Entrance fee costs 8 euro.