Skotino Cave (Agia Paraskevi)

    A sacred cave close to Hersonissos!

    CavesSkotino Cave (Agia Paraskevi)

    Skotino Cave is located in the prefecture of Heraklion, between the city of Heraklion and that of Hersonissos. It lies close to the village of Skotino in Gouves and is considered one of the largest and most historically important caves in Crete.

    The cave has also the name Agia Paraskevi cave, named after the church of Saint Paraskevi which is found nearby. Skotino cave was firstly studied by the archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans, which discovered artifacts dating back to early Minoan period that suggested the cave was a place of worship and was devoted to the goddess of fertility Artemis.

    Entrance Fee: Free