Seitan Limania Beach (Stefanou)

    A hint of paradise!

    BeachesSeitan Limania Beach (Stefanou)

    Seitan Limania or Stefanou beach is located in the area of Akrotiri rather close to the airport of Chania and around 20 km from the center. It is a very exclusive beach  in a secluded spot. The waters are crystal clear and there is no sand by the surf only black and white pebbles. A hint of paradise.

    There is even a high enough cliff if cliff diving is your thing. Given the time of year, Seitan Limania can be very private with only a few  people around – if any.  There is no facilities or shops around, ensure you have plenty of food and water.

    Tip: Accessing the beach is rather challenging so walking shoes or trainers are highly advised.