Rethymno Itinerary: Venetian Town & Old Harbour

    Follow our itinerary to visit the most popular sights in Rethymno in just a day!

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    Four Martyrs Church

    The itinerary will be starting at the beautiful Four Martyrs Church in the center of the city. Spend your time admiring the interior of the church and the stunning murals and chandeliers. There is no entrance fee, however donations are appreciated.

    Four Martyrs Church Rethymno Crete -

    Guora Gate

    Then you will need to follow the road to the famous Guora Gate, the main entrance of the Venetian walls that used to protect the city. Recommended Time: 5 minutes

    Guora Gate in Rethymno Town Crete - Copyright 

    Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

    Walk through the gate and continue straight and take your third left according to the map. There you will find the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno, which is housed in the Saint Francis church. There are many beautiful artifacts from the area of Rethymno that date from the Paleolithic era to the Venetian period which will satisfy all history lovers. The entrance fee 2 euro. Recommended Time: 60 minutes

    Archaeological Museum of Rethymno Crete -

    Mikraisaton Square

    As you exit the museum and make a left, you will find yourself to the large Mikraisaton Square that takes its name from the settlement of the people of Minor Asia who came to Rethymno after the population exchange in 1923. The square is also a popular hub and meeting point for the locals. Recommended Time: 30 minutes

    Mikrasiaton Square in Rethymno Town Crete Creta Kreta - Copyright

    Neratze Mosque

    Right in front of the square, the imposing Neratze mosque cannot be missed. You are able to go inside and visit the renovated mosque that has now been turned into the Municipal Music Conservatory or Odeon. The entrance is free of charge. Recommended Time: 15 minutes

    Neratze Mosque and Minaret Rethymno Crete Greece -

    Folk Art Museum of Rethymno

    Right around the corner, you will find the  Historical and Folk Art Museum of Rethymno. Visit this beautiful two-story restored Venetian building turned to a museum and learn more about the history and traditions of Crete. Entrance fee is 4 euro.  Recommended Time: 60 minutes

    Folkore Museum of Rethymno Crete -

    Rimondi Fountain

    Wander around the cute streets of the Venetian city and find yourself the Rimondi fountain located in the Platanou square. This historic fountain was built in 1626 by A. Rimondi and used for the city’s water needs during that period. Recommended Time: 10 minutes

    Rimondi Fountain in Rethymno Town Crete Creta Kreta - Copyright

    Fortezza Fortress

    Head towards the north-east side of the city, making your way through the narrow streets of Rethymno and find the main gate of the impressive fortress. The Fortezza fortress was built between in the 16th century by the Venetians as a fortification from the Ottamans. Nowadays it is one of the largest and historic monuments in Crete that should not be missed. Did we mention the amazing panoramic views of the city? The entrance fee is 4 euro. Recommended Time: 120 minutes

    Fortezza Fortress Rethymno Crete -

    Fortezza Fortress

    Now it’s time to make your way towards the old Venetian port of Rethymno. After a long day it is time to get some rest and relax by the sea in one of the many taverns and cafes. Recommended Time: 120 minutes

    Rethymno Old Venetian Harbour Crete

    Rethymno Lighthouse

    If you would like to see one of the best sunsets of your life you should walk to the breakwater of the lighthouse until the sun goes down. Given the right weather you will definitely are for a treat for an amazing sunset and the end of a great day!

    Rethymno Lighthouse in Venetian Port Crete - Copyright

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