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    Crete has over 400 gorgeous beaches along its 1,046 km coastline waiting to be discovered! Find yours now!







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    Best Places to Visit in Heraklion

    1. Knossos What would be a trip to Crete without visiting Europe's oldest city dating back to 7,000 BC? Knossos is a timeless archaeological site...

    Chania Itinerary: Katholiko

    Gouverneto Monastery You will start at the monastery of Gouverneto which is located North of the city of Chania about 20 km away from the...

    Practical Tips

    Passports and Visas EU nationals require only a valid identity card and UK visitors require a passport. Citizens coming from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand...

    Sitia Port

    The Port is one of the most visited places in Sitia and a very popular hub for locals and travelers alike. Located moments away...

    Sarantaris Beach

    Sarantaris Beach

    Istron Beach

    Istron beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the whole island. It is located on the far right side of the popular...

    Chiona Beach

    Chiona or Hiona beach is located in the far east side of Crete in the area of Sitia. It is very close to the...

    Porto Kaza Boutique Apartments

    Porto Kaza consists of thirteen beautiful apartments located near the old Venetian neighborhood of Sitia town. Porto Kaza has fully equipped apartments that provide cozy...


    Casa Veneziana Chania Crete -

    Casa Veneziana

    Casa Veneziana is located in the the historic Old Venetian Town of Chania. It is a beautifully restored 15th Century 170 m2 Venetian home...
    Villa Ocean Heraklion Crete -

    Villa Ocean

    Etherial Villa Rethymno Crete -

    Ethereal Villa

    Philoxenia Villas Panormos Rethymno -

    Philoxenia Villas

    Conte Marino Villas Chania Crete -

    Conte Marino Villas