Most Instagrammable Places in Chania

Crete is known to have some of the most unique places in Europe with Chania being one of the most well known cities.

Travel Tips Highlights Most Instagrammable Places in Chania


Thousands of travelers visit Balos each year and most of them take the boat from Kissamos, but if you are willing to drive there, which let us warn you it isn’t the easiest of drives, it will be well worth it. A shot from top of the mountain with the stunning view of Balos beach and lagoon in the background is a must have snap!

Balos Beach and Lagoon Chania


Chania Lighthouse is often the most photographed landmark in Crete. No matter what angle you take your shot, you are guaranteed to get something amazing and Instagram worthy! Of course a bit of composition always helps! 

Venetian Harbour Port Lighthouse Chania Crete -


Elafonisi is known as a tropical paradise and it is the number one place to visit on everyone’s list when they come to Crete! Clear turquoise waters make this beach a unique place that most Europeans would have to travel quite far to find something similar! No wonder it is voted as one of the best beaches in Europe every year! 

Elafonissi Beach Chania Crete -


Seitan Limania is most like the most recognisable beach in Chania and perhaps the entire island. You can get a great shot from above if you don’t feel like hiking down the mountain to get to the actual beach. 

Seitan Limani Beach Chania Crete -


Loutro is Instagramers paradise! No matter where you go around the village, you will certainly find a spot that is Instagram gold and should be in your feed! Make sure you have enough memory on your phone when you visit because it is guaranteed you will take dozens and dozens of shots! 

Loutro Village Chania Crete -


Full of colorful and picturesque buildings, the Venetian or Old Town of Chania will definatelly be one of the places you’ll visit during your time in Chania. Lose yourself in the narrow little streets and you will certainly find endless spots for that perfect snap! 

Chania Old Venetian Town Crete -


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