Milonas Gorge and Waterfall

    Follow the red signs to the 40-meter high waterfall!

    GorgesMilonas Gorge and Waterfall

    Milonas gorge situated in Ierapetra, approximately a 15-minute drive from the center. You will need to make a right on the highway when you will see a wooden sign that reads “Milonas Waterfall.” It is easy to miss.

    The drive to the entrance to the gorge is about 2 km of a dirt road, which you will most likely need to drive slow if you wouldn’t want to miss any red signs.

    The hike is of medium difficulty however it is rather a short hike of 40 minutes. The Milonas gorge is mostly popular for its magnificent 40-meter high waterfall at the end of the gorge. The only way back is back where you came from and the hike is slightly easier.

    Tip: Consider which season you would like to visit, as the waterfall usually dries up during summer.

    Entrance Fee: Free

    Opening Times: Always Open



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