Marathi Beach

Three lovely beaches for the price of one!

Beaches Marathi Beach

Marathi is located in the area of Akrotiri 16 km northeast of the Chania center and close to the Chania airport. Marathi has three coves and a small port. The beach is very popular with the locals along with the nearby Loutraki beach.

All coves are organised with umbrellas and sunbeds and there are a few restaurants as well. Even though there is a big parking area, usually during August it might be a challenge to get a spot.

Marathi was build on the ruins of ancient Minoa which was the port of the ancient city of Aptera located on the other side of Souda bay. Excavations are ongoing and very little parts have been uncovered.

Tip: You cannot go wrong on a windy day as when it is usually windy on one of the coves, the others won’t be windy, or not as much.


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