Malia Archaeological Site

    A Minoan palace at a site of 3000 square meters!

    Archaeological Sites Malia Archaeological Site

    The town of Malia lies 34 km east of Heraklion and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Crete. The Minoan city of Malia is positioned at the east end of the city about 4 km from the center.

    The palace complex was built at a site of 3000 square meters in 1900 BC and was destroyed in 1700 BC most likely by an earthquake along with the other palaces of Crete. It was rebuilt around 1650 BC at the same site, only to be destroyed and be abandoned in 1450 BC.

    The palace ranks as the third largest Minoan palace after the one in Knossos and Phaistos and according to the myth, it was ruled by the mythical King Sarpedon, son of Zeus.

    Entrance Fee: Full 6 euro, reduced 3 euro.

    Opening Times: Daily 08-00 – 15:00


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