Loutro Village

One of the most picturesque villages in Crete!

Chania Loutro Village

Loutro is a harbour village located on the south part of Chania and it is accecible only via boat or walking. Loutro doesn’t have any roads, hence there are no cars making one of the most relaxing places in Crete.

There are two beaches which are organised with umbrellas and sunbeds, supermarkets, ATM and numerous tavernas and some hotels. Accomodation can be tricky as during sumer periods there isn’t enough availabilty to cover all travellers.

The best way to reach the village is by going to Chora Sfakion and then take the ferry to Loutro. Most travellers will cruise by Loutro on their way back from Samaria Gorge as the ferry will stop at the Loutro harbour for a few minutes before making its way to Sfakia.


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