Lissos Archaeological Site

Visit the ruins of the Temple of Asklepius, god of medicine!

Archaeological Sites Lissos Archaeological Site

Lissos is an ancient city close to the harbor village of Sougia located around 70 km south of Chania. It was one of the ports for Elyros one of the most important ancient cities on the island. Lissos flourished between the 3rd BC to 7th AD as a naval power due to trading and fishing.

Among the best attractions of Lissos is the Temple of Asklepius (god of medicine) where people went to cure themselves at the spring of heading water, the ancient necropolis where 120 stone build vaulted tombs are preserved, as well as two Byzantine churches.  The beach of Lissos is small with pebbles and rocks.

Getting There:

You will be able to reach ancient Lissos two ways. Either you can take a boat from Sougia, meaning you will have to pay a fisherman to take you there, or you can hike through the Lissos gorge. You need to go to the very end of the port to the right and go through the gorge which is a medium difficulty two-hour hike. The decent is somewhat steep however if you’re careful, you will have no problem.

Getting Back:

There are plenty of fishermen dropping off people at Lissos, so you can hitch a ride back for about 4 euro per person. Or you can prearrange a pickup with one of the fishermen at Sougia. You will find their phone numbers all around the port. Or if you’re not tired, you can always go back by foot the same way.

Entrance Fee: Free

Opening Times: Always Open


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