Katholiko Beach

A charming and private little beach!

Beaches Katholiko Beach

Katholiko beach is a small private beach in the Akrotiri area north of Chania. The beach was used as a port for the Katholiko Monastery where the monks docked and repaired their boats. The beach was often used by pirates to attack the monastery which had to be abandoned in the 16th century.

You will first need to reach the Gouverneto Monastery and then after a 30 minute walk you will come to the abandoned monastery of Katholiko. Going down and under the bridge, you will need to cross the Avlaki gorge and after 20 minutes you will reach one of the most charming beaches you will ever see.

There is no sand, just rocks however the waters are marvelous. The beach is surrounded by high rocks so if cliff dive, you will have an amazing time! Also there are no trees so there’s not much shade, but there is a tiny cave on the mountain.

Tip: There are no facilities around and you won’t find any water past the Gouverneto monastery, so ensure you bring extra bottles. And there is no phone reception, so we wouldn’t recommend going alone.


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