Gorge of the Dead

    An imposing gorge on the far side of Crete!

    Archaeological SitesGorge of the Dead

    Gorge of the Dead or Dead’s Gorge as it is also know is a gorge and an archaeological site located in the area of Zakros on the far east side of Crete.

    The gorge starts in the village of Ano Zakros and ends at the village and Archaeological Site of Kato Zakros. There are two entrances to the gorge, A and B, entrance B is a bit further and closer to the exit, so it serves as a shortcut.

    The gorge is an approximate 2-hour hike of medium difficulty and it is suitable for both young and old in good physical condition. You can leave your car at either entrance and walk down to the gorge. Once you reach Kato Zakros, you can take a bus or taxi that will cost around 7 euro to drive you back to your car.

    The name Gorge of the Dead refers to the burial sites found at the caves on the cliffs of the gorge where ancient Minoans used to bury their dead.