Fortezza Fortress

Visit the Venetian fortress of Rethymno!

Fortresses Fortezza Fortress

The Fortezza fortress was built on Rethymno’s Paleokastro hill between 1573 and 1580 by the Venetians in order to increase the fortifications of Crete against the Ottoman empire.

During the 5th Ottoman–Venetian War, the fortress was besieged by the Ottomans and two months later the Venetians surrendered with the fortress and the rest of Crete falling on Turkish rule.

By the 20th century, many houses were built within the fortress but were destroyed at World War II. Nowadays the fortress is open to the public and is among the most popular attractions of Rethymno and the best panoramic view you can get.

Entrance Fee: Full ticket 4 euro, Family 10 euro, Over 65yo 3 euro. Students go free.

Opening Times: Daily 10:00 – 18:00


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