Chrissoskalitissa Monastery

    Pay a visit on your way to Elafonisi.

    Chania Chrissoskalitissa Monastery

    The monastery of Chrissoskalitissa is situated at the southern-west side of Crete approximately 80 km from Chania and close to very popular Elafonisi beach. It was built on a sheer rock after according to the tradition an icon of Virgin Mary has been found there.

    The name Chryssoskalitissa (“golden-stepped”) comes from the last of the ninety eight steps leading up to the monastery and supposedly it was made of gold. It is said this golden step was given to the Turks among other items of the monastery as payment for taxes imposed by the sultan.

    Following the massacre by Ibrahim Pasha in Elafonisi, the Turkish army passed by the empty monastery of Chryssoskalitissa wanting to destroy it, but according to tradition, they were attacked by a swarm of bees as they were walking up the steps and the monastery was saved. During the WWII the monastery was used as shelter for many soldiers.

    Tip: Make sure to visit the monastery if you’re on the way to Elafonisi.

    Entrance Fee: Free.

    Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 19:30