Chania Itinerary: Venetian Town & Old Harbour

Discover the best things to do around the old Venetian harbor of Chania!

Travel Tips Itineraries Chania Itinerary: Venetian Town & Old Harbour

Municipal Market (Agora)

The itinerary will begin at one of the most important monuments of Chania, its Municipal Market or Agora as it is called in Greek. The 1913 building has the shape of a cross and it is located in the heart of the city. It is still an active market housing numerous small shops where you can buy herbs, spices and other traditional products. 30 minutes.

Chania Municipal Market Crete -

Metropolitan Cathedral

After the market, you will have to make your way north towards the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chania. The building is one of the most beautiful churches on the island built on the ruins of 14th century church. 15 minutes.

Metropolitan Church Chania Crete -

Archaeological Museum of Chania

Opposite the cathedral you will find the Archaeological Museum of Chania. The museum has many collections of artifacts from the Neolithic to the Roman period. Highly recommended for history buffs. 1 hour.Chania Archaeological Museum Crete -

Venetian Town

Afterwards you will need to stroll through the colorful and maze-like alleys of the Venetian town. It is almost certain you will lose your way, but worry not, it is expected. Head towards the Firkas Fortress. 30 minutes.

Chania Old Town Chania Crete - allincrete.comFirkas Fortress

When you manage to make your way out of the alleyways, you will need to head towards north and locate the entrance of the Fortress. Firkas Fortress is one of the most important monuments of Chania. It also provides some magnificent views of the port and the lighthouse. 15 minutes.

Firkas Fortress Chania Crete - allincrete.comMaritime Museum of Crete

At the entrance of the fortress you will find the Maritime Museum which houses a large collection ship models, nautical instruments, photographs and relics from wars in Crete. 45 minutes.

Maritime Museum of Crete Chania - allincrete.comGiali Tzamisi

Continue to walk along the port until you meet the well-preserved mosque Giali Tzamisi which means Mosque of the Seaside. Nowadays the mosque has been turned to an exhibition space where local artists often showcase their work. 15 minutes.

Grand Arsenal & Neoria

Grand Arsenal is the largest of the shipyards or Neoria still standing today in Chania harbour. They were built by the Venetians to repair their fleet during their rule in Crete. Grand Arsenal is also used often as an exhibition center. As you make your way to the lighthouse you will pass by the remaining 8 Neoria. 30 minutes.

Chania Old Venetian Port Crete -

Venetian Lighthouse

Lastly you will end up at the Venetian lighthouse which is a somewhat lengthy walk from the Neoria, but it is certainly worth it. It was originally built by the Venetians as part of the fortifications of the city. Nowadays it stands as the most photographed monument of Crete. Perfect for romantic walks in the evenings. 30 minutes.

Venetian Harbour Port Lighthouse Chania Crete -


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