Chania Diving Center

    Discover the underwater world of Crete with this amazing experience!

    ChaniaChania Diving Center

    Chania Diving Center is located in the area of Akrotiri, close to the city of Chania, and the information/reservation office is located in Archoleon and Kanevaro1 in the center of Chania. There is a new dive center in Afrata, a beach close to Kolympari on the west side of Chania.

    Chania Diving Center organizes daily diving and snorkeling boat trips (morning and afternoon) to Agios Onoufrios, Menies, Kalathas Bay, Stavros, Marathi and can cover up to 40 different sites, such as canyons, caves, shipwrecks, airplane wrecks and more.

    Private snorkeling tours or private cruises to several destinations are also available and can be organised. The destinations covered vary depending on weather conditions, experience and level of each diver.

    Chania Diving Center isĀ open yearlong and offer high quality training to young divers who want to discover the underwater world of Chania and divers who wish to continue their training in recreational and technical diving.

    There is a maximum of 4-5 divers per dive leader in order to ensure the high level of safety and pleasure for all the divers!

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