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Tradition & Culture in Crete

Many will look at Crete and see a glorious history extending back to the 3rd millennium BC characterised by empire, mythology, and early Minoan civilisation. As decorated as it may...
Knossos Heraklion Crete

History of Crete

Chania Arguably one of the more popular parts of Cretan history, Chania plays a huge role both in the past and today – it’s the second largest city,...


Theaseas Cafe Bar Restaurant Chania - allincrete.com

Theaseas Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Theaseas Cafe, Bar and Restaurant located at the fishing port called Limni on the west side of Chania, in the area of Kissamos. Theaseas...
Spili Rethymno Crete


Preveli Monastery Rethymno Crete - allincrete.com

Preveli Monastery